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Just curious if this is me or if its really the product. ...

john cullen

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Just curious if this is me or if its really the product.

When I display the domain folder content, there is no filename.fex There is a title, summary, owner, etc, but NO .fex name. I think this might have started in 8207.28.05.

Has anyone else noticed this

I opened a case, but havent heard back. Curious if people could shot out what release it works, and what release the focexname.fex is missing. I had the focexecname.fex in 8207.26, it not there in 8207.28.05.

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I did open a case. 02072996

Initial response is pretty weak.

This may be a bug but I didnt find any programming tickets. Ill confirm and let you know.

I probably should have tagged the ticket UC:8207.26:8207:28.05 as an upward compatibility issue. It might get better attention.

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Yup its gone. This one is rather frustrating. I always display the title and name because sometimes well find that someone created a report, and changed the title, but not the name. So if we are searching for specific fex files, its easier to sort by the name to find the exact file. Now well have to right click, and choose properties for each report in the folder to see the names This just causes headaches for us when I dont see any reason for removing it in the first place.
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