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  1. Thanks for your comments, David. I am on release 8207. Yep, my expectation is that the mouse cursor would change to a <-||-> pointer and then I would be able to change the column width. I wonder if there is a way to change the width in 8207?
  2. On a portal page, I would like to extend the width of the 'Title' column, because I see ellipsis, and know that there is more title goodness to see. I would like to decrease the width of the 'Summary' column, because there is only teeny weeny 'Summary' text there. When I cursor over the columns titles I can control sort order. And I see no way to control column width.
  3. Take a look at the NOSPLIT option of the BY command: {ON|BY} fieldname NOSPLIT
  4. Thanks for the update, Paul. I signed up for the Chicago session just a moment ago.
  5. Using the WebFOCUS Client REST Adapter worked perfectly! Thank you very much for your support and suggestion.
  6. Thank you Paul. Works perfectly now. I ❤️ibi documentation!
  7. I am using the following 'listUsersFromGroup' RESTful web service: http://server:port/ibi_apps/rs?IBIRS_path=/SSYS/GROUPS/TopGroup/MiddleGroup&IBIRS_action=listUsersFromGroup&IBIRS_service=ibfs In the resulting XML I see the users assigned to the 'MiddleGroup' group. The 'MiddleGroup' group has two descendent groups: 'childgroup1' and 'childgroup2'. How do I augment the web service call (or what else can I do) so that I obtain users assigned to both 'childgroup1' and 'childgroup2'? I do not want to render two separate calls b/c in my actual case I have many childgroups. I am on WF version 8207.
  8. Oh... it is the 'listResGroups' action that I need to use, not the 'listResUsers'. Once I get the groups from 'listResGroups', I then get the users from the 'getUsersFromGroup' action. So, the RESTful Web Services Test Page is working fine for me. Looks like the 'Test Page' is documented in the 'Embedded Business Intelligence Users Guide'. Thank you again Clayton!
  9. As you can see below, I enter in the path and folder name in the IBFS_path text box, and click the 'listResUsers' button, and see only a SUCCESS return description, and no data: Any ideas on where the data might be?
  10. Thank you for your suggestions, Clayton. I am working on option 2 in your list, using webservices. I can get the TEST page to render AOK: I am not sure of my next step. What button on the left side would give me all of the users with access to a particular workspace folder, and what would I need to enter in the attendant text boxes? Is this page documented in one of the manuals? Thanks again for your offer to assist.
  11. On the 'Workspaces' page of the WebFOCUS portal I am: right clicking on a folder, selecting 'security', and then selecting 'Effective policy', I then can see a list of users in the middle of the 'Effective Policy' page: Is there a way to get a list of those users in a report? I do see a 'report' button on this page, but it seems to give a report of the listed 'Privileges'.
  12. I am maintaining an inherited TABLE FILE command that stacks display with 'OVER' and then outputs to Excel: When I go to use dynamic formatting, the '%' sign no longer displays. Any assistance gratefully accepted.
  13. Thanks for checking with your web team. I can't tell you how tempted I was to title this thread: 'What's up doc?' 🙂
  14. I am obtaining a 'docs.tibco.com refused to connect' upon clicking 'documentation' upon clicking the 'Customers' menu option, and then the 'documentat' menu item. Can someone please assist?
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