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  1. When you say you "hyperlink to them", do you do that through a Get Data Connection? We tried creating a SharePoint connector and haven't been able to get it to work. It says it connects to the SharePoint site, but I can't see any of the data files.
  2. @Clayton Peacock Yes, it seems that when we have one of these schedules showing 83 connections maybe only one other job is able to run and so people are waiting for their reports. These jobs are typically ones that are checking for a condition and sleeping then checking again until the condition is true (we use this to know when a process has completed by checking a logging table) but it bogs things down when it ends up checking and sleeping many times.
  3. I do have another related question - are there tricks for reducing the number of agents a schedule uses? Our maximum number is 100 and we have schedules that show 83 connections when running. I assume that means another schedule that needs more than 17 agents won't be able to run until that first one is complete. If we could reduce the number the first one uses, it would allow more schedules to run at the same time (again, I'm assuming).
  4. @Clayton Peacock Yes - that is what I am looking at. Where is the setting that you show at the bottom of your post? Also, "Agent processes which have reached the limit will be terminated when the last accepted session disconnects." -- Does this mean if a process attempts to get more than the maximum agents configured will crash? Thanks!
  5. I suspect there are several ways to do that, but one is to use a template. I believe Patrick has a video for how to do that, and it may depend on which version you are running.
  6. I'm looking at the Server Workspaces screen and see a column "Connections" and I'm just curious what this number actually represents. We have some reports that have 43 and a few that have 82 and I'm wondering how this relates to the maximum threads setting in the ReportCaster configuration. That number, for us, is 6. That's a lot less than 82! I'm curious what the correlation is and how we might be able to use this information to improve our system.
  7. @robert fuschetto Did you get this resolved? My initial thought is Join Multiple. I'm wondering if that is what the issue was or if it was something else. Always nice to see the solutions out here for others who might have a similar issue.
  8. If you are wondering if a database lock is the issue, maybe your Database Admin could watch the tables while you submit the schedule and see if a lock happens. We had a similar issue with a schedule and broke it into two different schedules and it worked but I don't think it ever ran successfully before we did that. The first task used a lot of connections. Sounds like you don't have access to the WebFocus Server Workspaces in order to monitor what is running; that's where you would see how many connections a request is using.
  9. Good thought but that's not the issue. We think we've narrowed it down to not the canvas limit, but where the report filters were added -- he added them in the SQL in the Data tab. When someone else created the same report but put the filters in the Visualization tab, the report works for everyone, including him. It is just really odd that putting them in the Data tab broke it only for him (I could run that report and it worked fine).
  10. I had a user complaining that his visualization won't give him correct answers. I ran it and got the correct results so I was puzzled. The only thing I can figure is that he changed the Canvas Data Limit setting when he was editing the chart in Designer. I ran a test, creating a similar chart. I ran it without changing the limit and it runs correctly, but after I change the setting, even once I've left the Designer editor and am running from the Hub, I still get the limited data. Logging out of WebFocus doesn't seem to fix it. I had him try setting the Limit to match what the system default is. No luck. I had him try setting it to "Live" and "All". Still no luck. It is like if you touch that, it sets it to "Test" "50" forever 😨
  11. Tharun, I never did get back to this. Got pulled into a big project and don't have a lot of free time for playing with reports. Most of what we need can be pulled from the repository BOT tables, so I have quite a few queries against those but it doesn't help if you need a historical view.
  12. I finally got it working! Here are the important pieces: In the base fex, have this at the beginning in the REPEAT loop for the file you want to save the compound report to: FILEDEF &NAME1 DISK &NAME3 In the report fex you EX in the loop: COMPOUND LAYOUT HOLD AS &NAME1 FORMAT PDF then the normal COMPOUND syntax, BUT exclude the ON TABLE HOLD line from the reports that are part of the COMPOUND document. I think this was the bit I had wrong before.
  13. The non-working ones were updated the same date the new one was created. I wouldn't import the schedules at all except we are prepping a new environment that will get promoted to production eventually.
  14. The environment we are importing to has ReportCaster disabled (it is a test environment), so I can't get at that info. Is that maybe the issue? It just seems weird that some will import fine and others won't.
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