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  1. Debra Waybright's post in CASE OPENED**Anyone run into an issue with changing the Canvas Data Limit (Live/Test) in Designer? was marked as the answer   
    Good thought but that's not the issue. We think we've narrowed it down to not the canvas limit, but where the report filters were added -- he added them in the SQL in the Data tab. When someone else created the same report but put the filters in the Visualization tab, the report works for everyone, including him. It is just really odd that putting them in the Data tab broke it only for him (I could run that report and it worked fine).
  2. Debra Waybright's post in Getting errors trying to write Compound Documents to file was marked as the answer   
    I finally got it working!
    Here are the important pieces:
    In the base fex, have this at the beginning in the REPEAT loop for the file you want to save the compound report to:
    In the report fex you EX in the loop:
    then the normal COMPOUND syntax, BUT exclude the ON TABLE HOLD line from the reports that are part of the COMPOUND document. I think this was the bit I had wrong before.
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