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  1. David Briars's post in How to prevent page break that will "split" the grouped info (BY) on two pages was marked as the answer   
    Take a look at the NOSPLIT option of the BY command:
    {ON|BY} fieldname NOSPLIT  
  2. David Briars's post in For a line graph, is it possible to display/style specific series as a dashed line rather than a solid or gradient line? was marked as the answer   
    It looks like the information for creating dashed lines is in Chapter 9 'Series Specific Properties', and the property you are looking for is 'dash':
    GRAPH FILE GGSALESSUM DOLLARS UNITS BY CATEGORYON GRAPH PCHOLD FORMAT JSCHARTON GRAPH SET LOOKGRAPH LINEON GRAPH SET STYLE * INCLUDE=IBFS:/FILE/IBI_HTML_DIR/javaassist/intl/EN/combine_templates/ENWarm.sty,$ type=data, column=DOLLARS, bucket=y-axis,$ type=data, column=UNITS, bucket=y-axis,$ type=data, column=CATEGORY, bucket=x-axis,$*GRAPH_JS "legend": {"markerSize": 20, "matchSeriesMarkers":true}, "series":[ {"series":0, "border": {"dash": "dash"}}, {"series":1, "color": "red", "border": {"dash": "long_dash_dot"}} ]*ENDENDSTYLEEND 
    I am seeing lots of patterns listed...:
    ...however sometimes the pattern I really need is: three dots, three dashes, three dots. 😀
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