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  1. We have had another fantastic turn out for today's event. Here is an image of @Porter Thorndike (Principal Product Manager) presenting to the attendees. (Panel includes: Angie Hildack and Vijay Raman) Thank you so much to everyone who made the effort to come along. If you were not able to get to Arlington today, make sure to book your spot for next upcoming in-person ibi Summit events in Chicago (Aug 6th) or New York City (Oct 8th). We hope to see you there!
  2. @David Briars This has now been resolved. It was a caching issue. Should be good to go now. Thanks for pointing it out. (Next time definitely call the thread: What's up doc?) 🙂
  3. @David Briars That is a strange one. I got the same issue. Although when I went directly to the docs.tibco.com subdomain it worked fine. I will investigate it with our web team. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. The YouTube playlist is probably the best place to see all of the FFs. It is up to date to March 24.
  5. @robert fuschetto We always record the FF sessions. Then they get posted to our YouTube channel in this playlist and on our website under the resource library here. Walter Blood announced his retirement from ibi on the most recent FF session.
  6. @robert fuschetto This is a fair request. For 2024 we are focusing on the ibi Summit Roadshow series of in-person events. (Having not had in-person events for quite a number of years.) Bringing back the yearly user group will certainly be under consideration for the future. Hope that helps.
  7. ibi Summit Boston is taking place today and we are so excited. If you did not make it today or you are thinking about going to some of our other Summit events this year, here are 4 reasons why you should make it happen: 1) You get to meet our friendly ibi team in person - here is Chris Kaplan (Lead Gold Support Engineer) at today' registration desk. 2) You get to learn about The Future of ibi from unique and colorful characters like our very own @Porter Thorndike (Principal Product Manager) 3) The ibi expert room will be open to answer all your questions. Here is Steve Dewitt (Manager Software Engineering) ready for action. 4) Hear all the product updates directly from the Product Team. This is Angie Hildack (Senior Manager Product Management) in full flow. Thank you to everyone who attended today's event in-person and to the ibi team for making it happen. Next stops on the ibi Summit Roadshow Series include: Arlington, VA - 14th May 24 Chicago, IL - 6th Aug 24 New York City - 8th Oct 24
  8. The first ibi Summit event in Boston, MA is under way. We have had a fantastic turn out for today's event. Here is an image of Dan Ortolani (VP of Support) presenting to the attendees. (Panel includes: Angie Hildack and Porter Thorndike) If you were not able to get to Boston today, make sure to book your spot for next upcoming in-person event ibi Summit Arlington VA in May. You can see all the details here .
  9. @Twanette Jurd I am investigating the answer to this question for you at the moment. There have been some changes with regards to WebFOCUS training and certification. I will revert once I know more. Thanks
  10. Registration for the second stop on the ibi Summit Roadshow in Arlington, VA is now live! Join us for this in-person event on May 14th, 2024 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT, for a full day of product training, hands-on-labs, and an open Expert Room. Follow this link to save your spot. We can't wait to see you there.
  11. Hi @Ben Maxwell, yes there has been some organizational changes. The line up for the Focus Friday this month is Walter Brengel, Renee Teatro and Mark Nesson.
  12. @David Beagan We are still updating some of the settings in the community. I think this post was help for moderation due to the number of images in it. (Otherwise it tends to only flag for certain offensive words etc) We will keep an eye on it as the community grows. Hope that helps.
  13. Perfect, that is now updated. Thanks for your help.
  14. @David Beagan That is a strange one. I added the l at the end of the link and that did not seem to solve it. Do you know what the updated link should be?
  15. Hi @David Beagan , We have brought over the TIBCO content as much as possible. That did include some of the myibi forum content too. We also have links to some of the other legacy content (Focal Point) under the Knowledge Base tab. Hope that helps.
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