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  1. Hi Cummunity, I remember that there is a SET, command, key word, ... to put into a report to prevent a page break that result of having the same BY to become on two pages. In other words let say that I have a sales report sorted by product and where each product can have up to two lines; one per year. So, one product may have two displayed lines (2 years) and another only one. Each page can only have X number of rows displayed and when this max is reach, a page break is automatically generated. However, it is possible that row number 1 of product ABC is on page 1 when row number 2 is one page 2. I want to prevent that and I know that there is an option in WF to do that but can't remember what it is and can't find back a place where I've used it. Someone can help ? Regards,
  2. Your issue seems to be related with EXL2K format. On my end with XLSX your code works as expected with dynamic formating
  3. Nerver mind I found the error : there was another master file definition stored elsewhere that has the old format. Once deleted, all good
  4. Hi, I had to add new fields in my MODIFY statement and then I always receive the error in subject of this topic. However my FIXFORM and target master file contains the appropriated new fields in the right labelling, format and position. Any ideas ? MODIFY FILE PRODUCT_MAINTENANCE_REQUEST FIXFORM FROM REQUESTDATA MATCH REQUESTTYPE PARTNUM REQUESTEDDATE ON NOMATCH INCLUDE ON MATCH REJECT DATA ON REQUESTDATA END -RUN
  5. With the following it seems to work as expected (As far as I understand what you are looking to do) -SET &REG2 = '[~`!#$%¬^&*()+={}¢Ý¦¨|\:;"<>?/]';
  6. You may have to adapt a little, but I use often the following to search the Repo
  7. Chaining is a great way to populate controls but the more you have chained and/or the larger number of data each control has, the longer it takes to have them populated. There is option using js but it needs you to code. An option that you can try is to check the option "Cache Run Time Data" for each involved controls. At first load it will takes longer to populate but then it's going to be faster while you stay in that report
  8. It's good to illustrate several technic into one sample 🙂 For those who may not know, good to highlight when using MORE for each used files: 1- Need same number of fields 2- Need same field's name 3- Need same field's format 4- Need same field's order
  9. Or if I can suggest another sample from yours Clayton
  10. Following Patrick's answer, I have mine set to 420 (7hr) and I'd never experience your issue David. For sure it's a good try to performed
  11. I am not sure that this will have an effect on AS time out. It is related to BI Portal and user session. What is your AS Options General settings ? Are you still at the default value of 5 minutes ?
  12. As for master file steps, what is not mentioned in referenced doc, is that you first need your master file with "TITLE= " and "DESCRIPTION= " English entries for all fields where you would like to have a translation made for. Otherwise the produced translation files are going to be "empty".
  13. I found the following in the RS Admin doc for 8207 So, by deduction I assume it confirm that you can have the same label name in several fex since you cannot branch to a label from another one. Further more if you have several tasks in a RC schedule where each calls a specific fex. Each task has its own "execution ID" AFAIK
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