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WF_STYLE_HEIGHT, WF_STYLE_WIDTH, WF_STYLE_UNITS prompts after upgrading to v9.2.2

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We just upgraded to WebFOCUS v9.2.2 and now some of our older portals are now prompting for these fields: WF_STYLE_HEIGHT, WF_STYLE_WIDTH, WF_STYLE_UNITS. Has anyone else run into this? Just running the report code from the Hub doesn’t generate these prompts, it seems to be only when the portal page runs. I'm hoping there is a setting somewhere we missed.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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We ran into this as well.  Only affected a few simple/older portals.  I created a case and ibi responded that it is fixed in WebFOCUS® 9.2.3 HF-011.  Also ibi mentioned that they will not provide a hotfix for 9.2.2.  The only workaround that I came up with is to add default values to the fex's (it can be any value).  However, they are not hidden so users are confused by them since they come up as required prompts.




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Todd, those variables are generated by the InfoAssist chart creation tool, maybe other tools too. I never quite knew what they were for or what they accomplished. I have removed them without any ill effects that I know of.

But your suggestion seems perfectly fine.

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  thanks for the info of where that is fixed. We are planning to meet with the users of each of the affected portals and see if they want to recreate them or retire them. As we have been going through this upgrade and an upgrade of our policy management system we have found loads of content that is no longer being used so I'm hopeful most of these will fall into that bucket.



  when you say you "removed them without any ill effects" I assume you edited the code in the text editor. What did you edit? The actual page that runs the reports?


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We removed the below from the fexes in the text editor, below gets generated with InfoAssist charts - you shouldn't get any errors.

However you might not be able to open/edit in InfoAssist after editing in text editor.




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Debra, I edited the fex in the text editor. I just created a simple chart and removed the code as indicated by Clayton. I was able to subsequently edit it in InfoAssist (there was a warning message).

Good point you bring up about unused code. In any upgrade project, good to carve out some time up front to clear out the junk.   

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