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  1. Clayton Peacock's post in WebFOCUS 9 Support end date/year was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Bajr Prakash Singh think its too early to say when EOL/EOS will be for WF 9.x as its still fairly new. 
    Have a look at this: https://support.tibco.com/s/end-of-support
    Best to stay up to date, BTW WF 9.3.0 is out 🙂
  2. Clayton Peacock's post in WF_STYLE_HEIGHT, WF_STYLE_WIDTH, WF_STYLE_UNITS prompts after upgrading to v9.2.2 was marked as the answer   
    We removed the below from the fexes in the text editor, below gets generated with InfoAssist charts - you shouldn't get any errors.
    However you might not be able to open/edit in InfoAssist after editing in text editor.
  3. Clayton Peacock's post in RESTful Web Service Request - listUsersFromGroup - Need to Pull Users in Child Groups. was marked as the answer   
    Hi @David Briars tried with a couple arguments recursionDepth=-1 but looks like the web services on the test page doesnt have any argument options.
    I would use the client adapter, as you can create hold files etc of the groups and subgroups and merge these to get all the users.
  4. Clayton Peacock's post in Report of Users Listed on 'Effective Policy' Page Possible Some Way Some How? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @David Briars there are 3 ways to get any information from the client repository. 
    Connect directly to client repository database Connect using webservices XML returned: https://<your server name>/ibi_apps/WFServlet?IBFS1_action=TEST Connect using the WebFOCUS client repository adapter The 3 option is probably the easiest way to retrieve this information and there is a host of example fexes that the adapter generates.
  5. Clayton Peacock's post in Repository Object Ownership Report was marked as the answer   
    Hi @J. J. 
    See created by @Patrick Huebgen once you have the connection setup to the client repository navigate to the wfcsampl/list_repositorytree.fex(samples generated for you by the adapter).
    Running this list_repositorytree.fex will give you 5 levels in the repository - this should help you find the objects owned by a specific user. 
  6. Clayton Peacock's post in Chaining parameters in HTML for large data sets was marked as the answer   
    We encountered a similar scenario involving a large workforce of over 30k employees. To address this, we implemented the following changes:
    Employee Name Search
    We replaced the droplist/combobox with a text box - free text or consider typeahead custom solution 
    The text box performs a fuzzy search on employee names, allowing for more flexible and accurate searches.
    Conditional Loading of Supervisor and Class
    In your example, the Supervisor and Class fields load dynamically only after the user selects a specific Department(onChange event). This approach optimizes performance by fetching relevant data only when necessary to load Supervisor/Class which will be a smaller subset of data.
    Performance Optimization FOCCACHE File Creation:
    Consider creating the necessary files in FOCCACHE before the HTML loads so they wait only once for the unique values, these files can be referenced by your filters, leading to potential speed improvements.
    ReportCaster Job for XFOCUS Table:
    Alternatively, can run a daily ReportCaster job to create an XFOCUS table for faster data retrieval with unique combinations for controls.
    We use JQuery to create our magical filters. 
  7. Clayton Peacock's post in Public Reports in Webfocus 9 was marked as the answer   
    Check that your public user is active in security center and is in the Anonymous group. 
    Stop All WebFOCUS + Tomcat service, delete below files:
    E:\ibi\tomcat_980\logs E:\ibi\tomcat_980\work E:\ibi\WebFOCUS82\logs Run public content after all services started and check WebFOCUS logs audit.log and event.log to see if you get any insights to the why you getting prompted.
  8. Clayton Peacock's post in ReportCaster Connections - what exactly is this number? was marked as the answer   
    On the workspace screen:
    Right Click Data services Select Properties Note that there is an on hover help next to each of the settings. Also, in the top right of the server console there is a (Online Server Help) select ? (question mark) icon to expose drop menu this will give you more detail.
    "Does this mean if a process attempts to get more than the maximum agents configured will crash?" - No, this means that the agent will be "refreshed" start from 0 again.
    My recommendation is not to change these settings.

  9. Clayton Peacock's post in Content Security Policy blocks the tdgchart-min.js eval method was marked as the answer   
    Hi Mohammad,
    We are using the below hope it works for you?
        <!-- Embed JSChart -->         <script type="text/javascript" src="/ibi_apps/tdg/jschart/distribution/tdgchart-min.js"></script> Kind Regards,
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