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I have a focexec in the Repository running from a ReportCast...

David Briars

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I have a focexec in the Repository running from a ReportCaster schedule.

The focexecs -INCLUDEs (calls) another focexec, also in the Repository.

The schedule runs fine.

I then make a change to the -INCLUDEd focexec (the callee), and rerun my schedule.

Sadly, I see that the schedule/caller focexec calls the prior version of the callee.

Almost, as if, there is a stale/cached version of the callee, that the caller is biased towards calling.

(When running from WF Developer Studio, I see the correct (current) callee AOK.)

Any ideas, on how to remedy

WebFOCUS 8105M

Windows Server Environment

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[CLOSED] Changing code in fex will not propagate the change - Topic (informationbuilders.com)

When we hit this issue, we found that ibi released a hotfix to 8105 to fix the issue. from internal emails, it looks like the Gen 68 (dated2/26/2016) addressed our problem that sounds remarkably similar to what we experienced with cached versions of reports being used by ReportCaster.

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Thank you all for your thoughts and comments.

Just knowing that other sites have seen this phenomenon in 8105M is very helpful.

The -INCLUDEd file in our case doesnt typically change very often. That, and the fact we will upgrade to 8207 in the near future, might cause us to decide to not go down the patch route.

Yes, restarting ReportCaster services, allowed our next schedule run to pull the correct/current copy of the -INCLUDEd file.

Once again, many thanks.

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