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  1. Hi Sarah @WF9.0.0, I respectfully request that when mentioning Summer, it be prefixed by whos summer or give a month. I am in Australia and out summer starts in December.
  2. You need to have it in a DB or in a FOCUS file accessed from a sync machine (FOCUS_SU).
  3. Always sad to see the old timers er experienced ones leave. Wishing you all the best
  4. With IBI Community closing soon, I thought I would some of IBI memorabilia I have. IBI, it was good, Ill miss you. 20220411_081357.jpg29941868 1.29 MB
  5. If you want a legacy theme, I think you will need to create it. Have a look in Global Resources/Themes/Custom. Its at the same level as workspaces.
  6. I usually play in the browsers developer tools to get it right, then add it to the css.
  7. What we have done is add a logger to the monitor logs and written them to a table. Its a bit difficult to read, but has CPU, response times, concurrency and much more. Its frustrating that an old monitor report has been removed in later releases that (I think) worked off this data. You could drill down to a period of time and get stats on what was going on.
  8. I think GIF is a bit backward. JPG or even better would be PNG Im very surprised it doesnt work.
  9. Is the image dynamic Was wondering why you have the image in a field, and not hardcoded
  10. I think I had a similar issue, and clearing WebFOCUS cache or even restarting the App server may be needed. Its been a while.
  11. TIBCO has said leave it alone unless there are issues. And concentrated on other tuning aspects like fetch size number of agents,etc.
  12. Hi Everyone, Was hoping someone has done tuning on the JVM settings in the reporting server. This is for Initial and maximum java heap size and java thread stack size. There is little info on a a process to follow or what to check for to give some idea on whether the defaults could be improved. I certainly do not want to pay with the settings in Prod and our other environments do not have the same load.
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