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and yes I know it runs! Seriously, I have a fex that hits a...

robert fuschetto

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and yes I know it runs!

Seriously, I have a fex that hits a mid size table several timesbuild hold files,stacks aggregates etc. It prompts for a half dozen or so parameters. I have tried this with and without defaults for parameters.

AnywayWhen executed off a dashboard, the parameters pop up quickly when the HTML page is invoked. You enter values, hit run and the report pops up after a second or two.

I app studio, if I right click Run the fexit sits there for almost two minutesthen the parameters pop up. You enter values and the report opens with in a second.

Question: What is WF doing for those two minutes while I am waiting for parameters to pop upand what can I do about it


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there could be multiple reasons. enable the session monitor in the Client admin console and check where it is taking more time . Network or Database or rendering.

Also there is usage analytics options which will be enabled during the install. it is external site which will collect the errors . if the external site is down it may affect the performance turn it off .

Admin console --> Others --> Usage analytics --Uncheck and save. Clear cache.

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then the parameters pop up. You enter values and the report opens with in a second



Are the parameters populated with data from your databases If so, is there something different about how they are populated when run from the web/dashboard v. run from AS For example, are you running against the same database environment in each case

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Hello RobertF,

You can debug this several ways depending on how deep you want to understand.

Fiddler2 (sometimes called fiddler4) is a http debugging tool that is good to use for performance issues. It will trace all the http traffic and you can see exactly what you asked for and what was returned.

Use the F12 browser debugger. Press F12, click on the network tab, then right click run. It will also trace what is being done.

Between the two above methods, you should be able to find exactly what is being called.

My preference is to use Fiddler. Its a good tool to use for performance reviews.

For AppStudio, I use the internal viewer for development, and only switch out to Chrome, Firefox, when browser compatibility testing. This is probably what WAZ was talking about. When you run a procedure in AS with Chrome, it has to load drivers, and you wait. If you use the internal browser, you wont be waiting as long.

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this is all new to me. Since I will likely be prohibited from downloading Fiddlerwhere do I hit F12 and when.

I am in AppStudio and using the internal viewer, ie I right click the fex and hit runthen it sits for 2 minutes then prompts then immediately pops up the report. Oddly, if I run the fex off a dashboardthe prompts are immediately there and the report runs as soon as I choose something. The issue seems to be in App Studio. We are still using IE for a variety of reasons, some of which are in compatibility issues with 8207v27 with Edge.

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