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We are testing WebFocus version for upgrade from 8...

Debra Waybright

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We are testing WebFocus version for upgrade from 8.2.03. I export folders from our production environment and import them to the test environment. Sometimes the import is incomplete. There is no error message, the message box that pops up is empty except for an OK button. My ID is an administrator in both environments and I use the Manager Mode.

We did set up Workspaces slightly differently in the new environment, but the Domain Im exporting from has a corresponding Workspace to import to.

Has anyone else run into this

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It appears to be related to groups or users not in the new environment. If you have a report or folder that is shared with a group or user that doesnt exist in the new environment, it will fail at the point where it encounters such an item. It might also fail on schedules that have a custom recurrence.

I have been able to import folders now after removing the share.

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