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Please Introduce yourself. Name: IBI Product - Years of Year...

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Been using Focus for 30 years. Started on Mainframe, then to PC Focus. Now on Web Focus. Still running version 7.11 in production, trying to move to 8.2. Want to get our data warehouse up and running before migrating code to 8.2. Not looking to change code twice.
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Im basically in the same boat. Im the sole programmer at a mid-size law firm and Im moving from DevStudio (using 7.6.11) to AppStudio (8.2.04).

The migration tool left a lot to be desired. Im still working on getting my perfectly functional programs from 7.6.11 to work in 8.2.04 while performing my daily functions at the law firm. I wish you great success with your migration!

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Hello all. Im Anthony C. also known on FocalPoint as CoolGuy.

Currently have 8202M at our site and are debating on if well ever upgrade.

Started with the product in 2015 and have moved to .NET development building mobile and web apps with Xamarin.Forms and Blazor frameworks. I will still be chiming in to help here from time to time and throw a bit of my timeless sass into convos.

With love, your CoolGuy.

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Hi All,

I am really enjoying this years virtual summit and hope it is an option in future years. The time saved from running from room to room to hit multiple sessions has been awesome. Great content, announcements of new things, and an ignition of my creative juices are all appreciated.

Thanks IBI!

Gavin Berkey

Operational Analyst-Claims

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Fort Wayne, IN

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HI, this is my first summit and I really like all the information Im getting! Im a business analysis and a product owner as well as a scrum master to a team of 5 engineers. We havent used the self-serve options yet and I would really like to see what others are doing with it. Also, we are just getting ready to upgrade to 8.2.07 and I have been on a few of the classes about the features and I really like the feature that you can just upload a file into designer and create a dashboard in seconds!
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