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How to prevent page break that will "split" the grouped info (BY) on two pages

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Hi Cummunity,

I remember that there is a SET, command, key word, ... to put into a report to prevent a page break that result of having the same BY to become on two pages.

In other words let say that I have a sales report sorted by product and where each product can have up to two lines; one per year.

So, one product may have two displayed lines (2 years) and another only one.

Each page can only have X number of rows displayed and when this max is reach, a page break is automatically generated.

However, it is possible that row number 1 of product ABC is on  page 1 when row number 2 is one page 2.

I want to prevent that and I know that there is an option in WF to do that but can't remember what it is and can't find back a place where I've used it.

Someone can help ?


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