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Can report caster get clogged up?

robert fuschetto

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we are not admins and privy to seeing much. I recently added a report caster job that run 2 fexes, attaches to an email and send to 2 recipients. Each time the job runs the log shows no warnings...it succeeds. The job usually runs in seconds .Many times I'll get an email with seconds with the two attachments. Note the attachments are small and will not grow in size over time. May times the email does not come for minutes...sometimes hours...sometimes I am not convinced it comes at all.

I thought perhaps the Report Caster server was hosed but if I run a different RC job, I get the email no issues. So if something is clogged...and the log says succeeded, it seems the issue is with it generating and sending the email....? What influences how long it takes the email to arrive?

It seems the job itself always finished in seconds.

Question: does Report Caster run the job once for each recipient..or run it once and attach for each recipient? Then again if I place myself as the ONLY recipient, it still, at times take a prolonged period for the job to arrive.

Are there settings to check that I can pass on to our admins? Any ideas?

Should i try creating a separate job/email for each attachment?


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@Robert Fuschetto​ 

If the Caster Log shows the email to be delivered this could be an issues with the email server - did you checked your spam folder and did you checked with the email server admin if there's anything happening with the email - if you have the time and the email address from caster log - your email server admin should be able to see what happened.

For Caster the Job was completed successfully wehen it "handed" the email via SMTP to your mail server - whatever happens afterwards is not known to caster.

If you have one email job creating identical emails this is just created once and send as one email to SMPR server who will send it to multiple people


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I broke the RC job into two pieces. The first runs and attaches the first report and emails to 2 people. I am running it every 10 minutes.

The second runs the second report and attaches and emails. It runs every 10 minutes offset by 5 minutes from the first. So far so good.

Both reports hit the same tables. I now wonder if somehow now and then the lock each other somehow....or are in contention etc. I also should make sure they are not creating the same HOLD files names.

Would you know..does Report Caster WAIT until the FIRST task completes before firing off the SECOND.

Then again, the job itself says success very quickly so I am not sure any of this conjecture is relevant. It does seem though that breaking it into TWO scheduled jobs (one for each report) has rectified the issue.

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If there would be any type of error - like locked database connection - you would see an error message in caster log. - You could enable &ECHO ALL to gte some more tracing info.

Reuse of HOLD - depend on where you are writing them to - with no dedicated location they will be not reused.

The two taks could run in parallel or in sequence - depend on your settings and available ressources - as long as you are not using dedicated HOLD locations there should be no conflict.

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If you are wondering if a database lock is the issue, maybe your Database Admin could watch the tables while you submit the schedule and see if a lock happens. We had a similar issue with a schedule and broke it into two different schedules and it worked but I don't think it ever ran successfully before we did that. The first task used a lot of connections. Sounds like you don't have access to the WebFocus Server Workspaces in order to monitor what is running; that's where you would see how many connections a request is using. 

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