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I have admin access. I am trying to export all report caster jobs in Client, but few report caster jobs are not exporting. Thanks in advance!

Srilatha Amiti

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You probably have an import & an export log.

Compare what has been exported from location A and what has been imported to location B, it should be the same list of items.

Pay attention to the export log and check if it contains ALL what you are expecting to see - maybe the problem is from the export and not the import...

You can also share those files here. It normally does not contain privacy info. So, shouldn't have any security issue.

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Thank you, Martin. You are right when i export from A it is exporting without issue, but when i am importing to B I am getting below error message:

Create item: "IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Content/Research/ReportCaster/Inn_Month_Repeat_OW.sch"

[2023-08-16 10:18:50,855] DEBUG [http-nio-80-exec-2:import] {userId=XXX} - ...Item's owner "YYY" does not exist in IBFS!

Sorry Martin..I can't upload logs it has our empid's with full names.

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