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Does WebFocus have the functionality available that would allow us to identify the data elements included in all reports? Thank you, merin.joseph@kashtechllc.com

Merin Joseph

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Hey Merin

Can you give me an example of what you wish you could get from WebFOCUS? I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly.


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Well - we're in the territory of "Impact Analysis".

It's easy enough to use the WFRS console to right click on a synonym and choose Analysis Reports / Impact Analysis, but on my system anyway, this is weak - it only scans the ibi/apps folders.

Resource Analyzer on the other hand - that's got all kind of stuff in it.

Pull up the Reporting Server Admin manual hunt for Running Impact Analysis Reports.

See if any of that looks helpful. There's got to be a way to point back to the client (my reporting servers sit on another machine). If you could get it to search the repository also, that'd be helpful.

Sorry I don't have more specifics. Other folks here use Impact Analysis to see what impact a Column change might have on existing reports. Maybe we'll get them to chime in.

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I have the fallowing that I use to figure out where an element (table, column, fex, any string, ...) is used in the repository

In the sample code below, I am searching for GGSALES table

SELECT distinct T2.PRT_PATH AS 'Location', T2.OBJNAME AS 'Object Name', 'IBFS:' + T2.PRT_PATH + '/' + T2.OBJNAME AS 'Full IBFS path' --,T3.[WF_LNG] AS 'Lang' --,T3.[OBJDESC] AS 'Title' --,T1.OBJ_HANDLE --,CAST(CAST(T1.BCONTENT AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS VARCHAR(MAX)) 'Code' FROM <YourReposDB>.dbo.WF_CONTENT_REVS T1 INNER JOIN <YourReposDB>.dbo.WF_REPOSOBJ T2 ON T1.OBJ_HANDLE = T2.HANDLE /* To also have the title per language */ --INNER JOIN [WF82ReposProd].[dbo].[WF_NLSOBJ] T3 -- ON T1.OBJ_HANDLE = T3.OBJ_HANDLEWHERE UPPER(CAST(CAST(T1.BCONTENT AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS VARCHAR(MAX))) LIKE '%GGSALES%'--and T2.OBJNAME like '%htm'--and T3.[WF_LNG] = 'en_US'ORDER BY 1, 2, 3
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If I remember correctly, you have to have this service turned on so it will capture usage data, but there are reports you can run from the Management Center. Are you running 8207 or newer? In the Management Center, Click on Resource Management, then open Reports, then open Resource Analyzer. There are a couple of usage analysis and Impact analysis reports.

Usually, if I just want to know where a field or table is being used, I use SQL similar to what Martin posted. But that only gets what is in the Repository, so then I do a file search on the reporting server to see if anything on the EDASERVE is using it. Of course, that doesn't tell you if the report is actively being used.

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