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Parallel install WebFOCUS in new server and migrating stuff ? configs and codebase?

VisuaLizeFOCUS .

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I think if you copied over everything under c:ibi (or whatever folder you are using) and then exported a change management package of all the WebFOCUS domains and imported to the new environment then you should have most everything covered.

(Note: in later releases of WebFOCUS the "domains" are called "workspaces.")

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Hi there!

Here's your best bet. Do a clean install of both the client and server on your new machine.

Then it sounds like you are pretty comfortable with moving you client side code from the repository over using CM export/import which will be good for all that stuff.

Be ready to use your favorite file / folder comparison tool (I use scootersoftware Beyond Compare), and use it to compare your various config files.

Now i need to know if you're upgrading in this process or just making a duplicate environment?

If you have the option in the WF Reporting SErver console / Workspace - right click on the Configuration files in your old environment and choose to make a Backup. This will grab all the files you'll want to compare. You can also make a backup of your new WF Reporting Server settings while they're fresh the same way.

You can compare your 2 backups you just created to see what all you'll want to alter for your reporting server.

The client file comparisons will be a little more work. Just map the install drives from both old and new computers to your laptop running BeyondCompare (or whatever you like). Look in these folders for differences (I'll assume you installed on d: and we're talking windows but the same thing applies to linux):



On the reporting server side, the places to hunt for files are mostly

d:ibisrv82wfsbin (mainly look for how edaserve.cfg is setup)

d:ibisrv82wfsetc (remember ODIN.cfg will purposely be different with your machine names in them so they'll need to be a little different).

If you really want to copy all your d:ibiapps (Default location) to the new machine, feel free. or point to your old approot from inside edaserve.cfg.

Look for your edasprof.prf and make sure those look the same.

It's not bad at all if you already have a working environment to mimic. There's always some little thing somewhere that you'll miss, but that'll get you going.

I used to site manuals for this to encourage you to read up on your own, but I'm getting old. You can find all this information if you look around.

Good luck!


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I would not do a migration usingh CM packages - best practice is always to use the existing repository.

Step 1 - make a backup of your repository database.

Step 2 - install new WebFOCUS and point it to the old repository during install - WebFOCUS will do a in place upgrade

Step 3 - if step 2 fails you can do a manual DB upgrade

Step 4 - migrate all config file changes to the new system - I prefer Winmerge to compare and merge config file



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It depends on the version you are upgrading to.

8207 from one release (like 8207.28.10 to 8207.28.13 ) a copy of the repository will work

9.1 has Major/Major changes to the repository.

So a DBMS copy of a old repository to another (different dbms) may work,

TIBCO does have some "upgrade" utilities.

However, we have done the clean install to a new repository and then used CM to move WFC code and not seen any issues.

Note they did away with the ibi_html folder so if you use anything customized, you have to ask about the work around

Finally a copy contents of the ibi folder may not work directly.

Security information and security related Jar files all have the release number in them for example

webfocus-web-security-8207.28.xx.jar  where xx is the release number

what works for one release may not work for the next.

to be safe a clean install would be better

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When we upgraded to 8207 we used it as an opportunity to only migrate over items that were needed using CM packages. Ran in parallel for a bit to make sure we got everything (still missed one). That was a great way to clear out all the clutter!

Plus, as you mention David, you can't always just use a copy of an existing repository. Depends on the versions.

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