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RC Does not send email out with attached report , exl or pdf

Naeem Sufi 2

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Hi All

I can create a excel file when run without any issue


but when I run the same report vai Report Caster , I get the following error in thelog and no report send out


any one here as the same and know the solution, please share , thanks






CPJAVA: Error in processing INIT command for Class ibi.jsexcel.JscomExcelZip/ Ensure JSCOM3(JVM) service is running; check -Djava.class.path in edaprint.log












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Thank you Martin & Roberto

This email was not going out for Fex on USSERVER (Mainframe) ..

We got the issues resolved on USSERVER and it is working now

Since we migrated from WF777 to 8207 this was related to issues related to installation of USSERVER on mainframe

Thanks for responding

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