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With IBI Community closing soon, I thought I would some of I...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Hi everyone!

I appreciate this discussion and the sharing of ibi nostolgia, and especially love seeing ibi memorabilia from throughout the years!

While it may feel like an end of an era with myibi being retired this month, I assure you that the new platform launching in the summer will continue to meet the needs of this amazing and loyal community. Discussions had here will not be lost, as myibi content will be migrated to the new community upon launch, and Focal Point will continue to be available as well.

We encourage you to keep the conversation going on the TIBCO Community WebFOCUS page during the transition, starting April 20 and leading up to the new community launch in early summer.

So think of it not so much as a goodbye but as a see you soon. We are excited for the enhancements and features that the new community will bring. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to your participation in the new community!

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Waz inspired me to take a pic of some old and new IBI memorabilia. Although I rarely post, I enjoy reading and learning from others and hope to continue to do so on the new platform this summer (North American summer, that is). Thanks to all the contributors for all you do!!


20220414_202216.jpg40323024 3.11 MB

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