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  1. Is it maybe an Active/In Document report Try adding this to a FEX to see if it makes a different: SET ARCOMPRESS=OFF It only does something if ARVERSION is 2 for the report.
  2. Thanks Melinda, we do have a case open. Unfortunately, we could be stuck at an earlier version because of some fixes put in for us by engineering that we are not sure ever made it into a later version of 8206.
  3. Looks like a bit of a moving target with new issues being found with later versions of Log4J, but has anyone heard about a 8.2.06 patch being available at some point
  4. Not seeing anything on WebFOCUS specifically yet: https://www.tibco.com/support/notices/2021/12/apache-log4j-vulnerability-update
  5. When WebFOCUS is actually up and running, but you do not want end-users running content, I put up a default portal page (under each BI portal) temporarily that gives a maintenance message. I then remove it after the maintenance work is completed. I normally only give access to the WebFOCUS home page to developers, for them, I just send out a message since it is usually a much smaller group. In some case, where the entire WebFOCUS server might be down, I will redirect the DNS entry for the WebFOCUS server (I use one for access to WebFOCUS versus handing out the actual server name) to another web server with a maintenance message while the maintenance is occurring.
  6. Take a look at your auto prompt settings in the old and new environment.
  7. If you were looking to do a browser check for IE for example, here is JavaScript that works in 8206 and 8207 in a Page Designer page: // Web browser check (function () { let IE11 = navigator.userAgent.toUpperCase().indexOf("TRIDENT/"); console.log("The IE11 check returns: " + IE11); let IE11orOlder = navigator.userAgent.toUpperCase().indexOf("MSIE"); console.log("The IE11orOlder check returns: " + IE11orOlder); if (IE11 == -1 && IE11orOlder == -1) { console.log("You're not using IE 11 or older"); } else { console.log("You are using IE"); window.addEventListener("iba_pageloaded", function (e){ var page = e.target.ibaObject; console.log("IE message being added to page title"); page.title("Internet Explorer is not supported for this site, you must use a modern web browser such as Chrome, Edge Chromium, Firefox or Safari."); }); } })(); You would want to stress test this in your environment before deploying since JavaScript can be problematic depending on your code level.
  8. Git integration, having this directly inside of the WebFOCUS home page will be hugely helpful for business BI developers.
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