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When I attempt to select the browser Edge within App Studio ...

Chad Smith

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When I attempt to select the browser Edge within App Studio Options/Output Viewer Settings. I get the below error message. I have Edge installed on my machine and I use it every day. Any idea what I need to do to resolve this issue within App Studio


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When I obtained this error message, I opened a case with TIBCO.

The case consultant gave me instructions to how to download an updated MS Edge driver, and then make the updated driver available to Application Studio.

Once I followed the instructions, I was able to render to Edge from AS.

Hopefully, you can open a case and have the same results.

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I see some stuff in the manual about this. Is this what you did



Oh, I didnt know the update to the MS Edge Driver was documented.

Yes, the steps in the How to Update themsedgedriver.exe of Microsoft Edge Automation section on page 43 is what the Helpdesk suggested I do.

Id probably still be tempted to open a case, just to be sure.

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Instructions provided by support team:

As per this issue, Microsoft is updating their Edge driver almost every week and to keep the edge driver updated in the App Studio you will need to install it manually.

Please do the following:



Access the following URL: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/webdriver/



According the uploaded doc, you are on version 98.



Under Stable Channel, downloaded, x64. Extract the package on the Appstudio box.



Navigate to :ibiAppStudio82bin



Rename the exisiting, msedgedriver.exe to msedgedriver.exe.backup.



Cut and paste the msedgedriver.exe from the package you just downloaded into the bin directory.



Ensure Appstudio is not open, From the above bin location, right click on thisfoci.bat.



and run as Administrator.


Restart the machine after running the thisfoci.bat Opened AS and test it with Edge.

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this seems to happen to us with each new release. I am not on the tech end but our IS must do something with EDGEthey are no too happy about it. Please note once on the EDGE viewer, the availabilty oh hold files created under Appt studio is dubiousif you close certain windows, the hold files disappear. I am not sure we fully understand thiswe leave it set to IE for now, moving it to EDGE as necessary.
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