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after LDAP setup. 2 admin accounts works others do not work...

Muhammad Asif 3

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Suggest you read Chapter 4 in the security manual.


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Its easy to get turned around on the names Authentication versus Authorization


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The External Group Mapping that Brian is talking about is in here too:


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I think Id change our checkbox about Account Creation to only add people who are tied to a mapped group from LDAP:


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Use Martins example That should work for you.

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You want to use LDAP for Authentication and LDAP Group for Authorization.


Create LDAP Connection On the Reporting Server. Make sure to choose the Primary or Secondary.

Primary doesnt require prefix with username and it will be default for authentication and Secondary Required Prefix. Set the Connection Trusted .

in the WF Admin console Enable External Security.

If you want to manage the users choose internal authorization .

If you want to manage the users from external group choose internal and external or External.

Save and restart the client.

If you want to use external group then you have to map the external group with WF Domain Group.

In the WFClient Security Center choose the group and create a subgroup called external Do not map the External group directly to parent group. mapping will allow only user from the mapped group you cant add any users manually. If there is a problem with external security you cant make changes.

Select the wf group external and map the External group. if you cant find the group then there is a problem with the external connection.


Security changes required restart check the logs for any issue. if you still have issue you may need to reach out tech support .

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