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I am running a focexec in our new 8207.28 environment, and i...

David Briars

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I am running a focexec in our new 8207.28 environment, and it is taking on the following error:


Error Cannot include resource specified IBFS:/reportcontrol.fex


We are including reportcontrol.fex with the following -INCLUDE:

-INCLUDE reportcontrol.fex

I know that full path is required for -INCLUDEs beginning in 80.

However, this fex, written in 77, had the -INCLUDE pointer preserved upon the migrations from 77 to 80 and from 80 to 81.

How do I preserve the pointer/association to the -INCLUDEd module, when migrating from 8105M to 8207.28.

I used the export facility with retain handles to pull the content from 8105M and then imported it into 8207.

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Looks like the secret sauce on the export from 8105M is to check Retain Handles, and then to make sure you are doing a fresh import.

Once I deleted the 8207 folder I created from an import where I didnt check 'Retain Handles, and then did an import from a 2nd export where I did do the clickity-click on Retain Handles, I no longer see the cannot include resource error.

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Hi David

im glad this is working for you now.

Ive seen this error when the focexec my application is trying to -INCLUDE resides on the reporting server AND that fex does a -INCLUDE that does not use the full IBFS path name.

Its all about WebFOCUS Client trying to parse all the files to make sure they exist before it sends the request off to the reporting server.

In my case, I have a fex in the clients repository (IBFS:/WFC) that -INCLUDEs a fex on the reporting server like (it says -INCLUDE IBFS:/EDA/EDASERVE/appfolder/fexname1.fex).

THEN the fexname1.fex has a -INCLUDE inside it that says: -INCLUDE appfolder/fexname2.fex.

That nested -INCLUDE confuses the WFDescribe process and I get a message very similar to yours that says


Error Cannot include resource specified IBFS:/appfoldername/fexname2.fex


In my case I have 2 things I can do to address this. The first is to go on the reporting server and update the fexname1.fex to say

-INCLUDE IBFS:/EDA/EDASERVE/appfoldername/fexname2.fex

OR - I can change it to:

-MRNOEDIT -INCLUDE appfoldername/fexname2.fex

The main point being that the error occurs during the time the client is trying to see if all the files are available before it really submits the request for execution. If you use IBFS:/EDA/EDASERVE, then the client side parser seems able to find the focexec to know its okay to proceed to the next step of submitting the request.

OR you use -MRNOEDIT to let the client know that it should not go looking for this file at the time its parsing the request (aka WFDESCRIBE).

At run time, when the report actually executes on the reporting server, the normal -INCLUDE appfolder/fexname.fex will very likely work fine.

I hope that wasnt too much sharing jus then

Just passing along a sticking point weve had here.

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