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We created metadata for a database and for some reason, the ...

Diana Watkins

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OK, so we were able to get it fixed and MAY have figured out WHY it was happening (although havent truly tested the resolution to the WHY as of yet)

SOOO after some digging on the internet, we found where several others had had the same issue of subtracting 2 days from a date field. The issue appeared to be with the jdbc driver that WF was using having some issues with date, datetime2, and timeoffset field types in SQL Server. The issue was reported to be with jdbc3/4 and resolved with jdbc42 (according to posts from stack exchange, stack overflow, etc).

While researching the jdbc setting in WF, the vendor we were working with changed the offending dates in the db to a Datetime format and the issue resolved itself. So we didnt get a chance to change the jdbc driver and test that theory out but we will try in the future. We have an upgrade coming up so the new jdbc driver may be in place then anyway.

So the issue is resolved for now, and we have homework to do later to make sure it doesnt bite us as we bring on new databases in the future.

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