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If I use the GUI to add a hyperlink to an HTML page, can I p...

robert fuschetto

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This is an interesting one.

Assuming your creating the doc with WebFOCUS

If your install has client and reporting server on the same machine or the the reporting server has access to the client installation location, then it is possible via the APPROOT alias (if its setup).

APPROOT alias points to the apps folder on the client install. So it may be possible to write the file there and the link would be https://{name}/approot/{foldername}/{filename}

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what is working for us, so far is creating a PP doc with links, converting to a PDF, Placing on a sharepoint site, linking the HTML page to the doc. We just thought perhaps we could bypass the Sharepoint stuff by storing the PDF in baseapp. We have a Macro enabled Excel template there now that seems to open fine under EDGE when called from a fex. I just poked around in there and found this:

ON TABLE HOLD AS tab1 FORMAT XLSX TEMPLATE &APPROOT/baseapp/formtemplatelandscape.xltm SHEETNUMBER 2

So perhaps this may work afterallwill try later today.

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Is this still about having an hyperlink that will open a PDF file

If so, I doubt that it will work other than the way it is explained in the other post.

When you run your fex that opens your Excel template, it is not really open from the baseapp.

It use the template in baseapp to produce the Excel file but when it provides you the Excel result it is from the execution session.



ON TABLE HOLD AS tab1 FORMAT XLSX TEMPLATE &APPROOT/baseapp/formtemplatelandscape.xltm SHEETNUMBER 2



The above tells WF to create a file in memory (HOLD) named tab1 where its format is XLSX using a template named formtemplatelandscape.xltm and located at baseapp.

To have the result saved in baseapp, you should have: HOLD AS baseapp/tab1

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I wish that it will and will be very happy that it can.

If you do, share your whole detailed solution with us because other than the explained way, I have not been able to make it happen.

If your PDF file will be generated (created) from a fex on execution (ON TABLE PCHOLD FORMAT PDF), then Edge will be able to display it such as any other report generated by WF. But to open an already existing file (PDF, Excel, ) located no matter where from WF page (using an hyperlink, as per example) it is another game that I have been able to win with the explained solution only. And it took me a year, Tech Support cases, forum discussions and trial & errors to find it

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I will. The solution in play now works and is simpleIS will need to find me a Sharepoint site for my PDF containing the links. I designed it in PP and it looks very similar to the HTML page we had before. It works but is an extra step and personally I am not seeing the security advantage but thats not my forte.
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but we have report explanation files that are liked in the Excel Reports. These are Word files saved as .htm in Word. The files are kept in the apps/htm_files folder on the client server. For example we have this line in the Heading Click here for explanation of this Report. Say this is line 5 in the heading. Then in the sytle sheet commands we have TYPE=HEADING, LINE=5, URL=http://&&WFCLIENT/approot/htm_files/pppppp.htm, $ where &&WFCLIENT is a global variable with the client server name and pppppp is the name of the .html file.

Is that what you are asking

I will say this, I have no idea how to do this in the GUI. Im a coder.

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appreciate it but not really sure I followat this point we have exhausted resources on this. Here is our issue and solutionassuming it continues to work. Forgive the non technical jargin!


Under Edge, links on HTML pages to various docs stores on shares (PP, WORD, EXCEL etc) do not work. We are told this is for the sake of better security in EDGE.


IS wanted to try running EDGE in IE compatible mode but that is not going to be fully supported by IBI and did not seem to work anyway.

IS tells us that content from Tableau (opened from their home grown portal), SharePoint Sites, Epic WEBI reporting etc that are hyperlinked on IBI HTML pages should continue to workand indeed they do.

I am not techie enough to understand why these files open with these tools nor am I techie enough to understand why IBI does not have a similar solution for usthat is not a knock or complaint.


We created a PowerPoint slide with links to our share content. We formatted it to look like our HTML page in terms of color, format etc. We save it as a PDF file. We saved the PDF to a SharePoint Site. We added a link to PDF on the IBI HTML portal page. The user clicks the link, a PDF opens that looks like the old HTML page and then the user seems to be able to click any links to get the Excel etc content to open.

Again, not pretending to understand it all. I just know our IS home grown portal is able to have stuff loaded into it and then able to open it. I guess IS was expecting something similar from our IBI portal. This is where I was trying to load our content to baseapp with no success.

So we have a solution for now, disappointing as it may be.

We are running with this iuntil somethng beter comes along!

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