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I set up a DEFINE for a master fileworks fine. Should I b...

robert fuschetto

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The referencing, and cross-referenced file do not have the field named as the CRKEY in

common. Check the names of the fields.



I have seen this when the define matches a field name that is already in the master.

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Sorry, I should clarify, teh DEFINEd fields name is unique. Its alue is set to another column. Id I have not mentioned itwe did this to allow for similarly named fields that act as parameters for use on HTML forms.

Exampe: Some of our data sources have a DEPARTMENT field. Some have a DEPT field. If we add fexes for each to an HTML page we dont want IBI creating a control for each. By adding DEPT to the master files with DEPARTMENT and filtering on DEPT, parameter names are all the same across all master files and only one control is created on the HTML page.

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Hi Robert,

As I understand it, youre trying to pass the same value to two different parameters in an HTML page, like this


image.png740632 18.9 KB


If so, you can just choose not to auto-generate the control for the second report, and then you should be able to bind the control to both parameters in the Parameters view tab and set the control to reload both reports, as shown here:


Let me know if theres something Im missing. I havent had issues joining with DEFINE fields per se (as sometimes DEFINEs with character functions are needed to reformat data to match values to another field), but there may be certain cases that dont work

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