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Looks like were going back to a naming convention of Hotfix...

Toby Mills

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As info, the description of the hotfix3 mentioned that the fixes were cumulative. That means Hotfix3 contains all the Hotfix2 and Hotfix1 contents.

The WFRS hotfix seems to be a new Server gen (along the lines of refresh binaries).

I am still downloading the WFC hotfix

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Thanks David.

Let me know if you see anything new that wasnt mentioned in the release notes.

I thought I didnt want the client fixes really but this one would be nice


Change Management Export generates incorrect Last Modified date.

So maybe Ill go get it.

I was concerned about not being notified about HF1 and HF2 whenever they became available, but Ill presume those were made for particular clients and not really sent out to everyone (even though theyre in there).

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Looks like were going back to a naming convention of Hotfix.

I didnt ever get an email letting me know about HF1 or HF2, but got a note about HF3 today.

Havent tried to download anything yet. Im not sure theres anything I actually need thats in the list of fixes.

TIBCO WebFOCUS 8207.27.0 HF-003 is available

I thought I heard someone say that a .28 version was coming out that had better integration of the administration parts. Maybe I was confused.

Also FWIW, when I opened the link above in Edge - the 2nd time, I got a blank screen and my tab name said Error. Opened okay for me in Chrome.

I know the plan was to make only a few updates available in the year. Ive heard anywhere from twice a year to quarterly. Yet I see 3 hotfixes. Not sure what to make of that.

Heres the trail they describe to find the hotfixes:


Then on the Hotfixes page look under Available Downloads:


And expand IBI (dont look for WebFOCUS in the list yet) to see whats down there:

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Here an update on my findings.

I downloaded and applied the WFRS Hotfix3 on the 8207 WFRS that I had installed using WebFOCUS Integrated Installation. It worked as expected. It found the 8207.27 release and applied the hotfix.

I then tried the samething with the WFC Hotfix. When I ran the WFC Hotfix, it did NOT find the earlier 8207.27 software that was on the machine. I expected to see a screen

where one was prompted for the type of update.


Instead of the install type, it jumped over the option and showed


image.jpg600533 85.6 KB


THis was a surprise.

I tried this with the services running and with the services stopped.

The HOTFIX3 did not see the WFC running on the box

I had to cancel the hotfix. I am not going to go through a clean install, just because the install sofware is not working as it used to work

I opened a case with TIBCO and pointed out the differences.

Will keep trying various options and will update when I get a solution

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Dang David - thats a drag. Thats what Id be trying too.

I wonder if this is in some way tied up with the golden ticket idea. I had a problem installing the reporting server using a silent install parameter file. To fix it, I had to remove the -license parameter.

Did it even get far enough to try to make install log file(s)

Ill post when I try it on Windows.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Good news

Here is a further finding

I originally did the testing on a WebFOCUS Integrated Installation

I have other systems that are done differently. WFRS on one machine, WFC on another

Not doing the Integrated install with Derby etc.

I ran the WFC Hotfix and it worked


image.jpg611537 117 KB


This is what I expected. It found the 8207 WFC install

I guess the problem only exists with the integrated installation.

Another possible reason. The Integrated installation is on Windows 2019

the stand alone WFC is on Windows 2016.

I will update the case with this information and see what needs to be done for the integrated installation.

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I opened a case on the issue I found with the WebFOCUS integrated installation.

I was told that I would need to download and use a HOTFIX3 for the WF Integrated installation.

Since there was not one posted, I asked about getting a copy.

I was told in the case, that it is not available. It may become available in a future hotfix release.

We have used the HOTFIX3 on standalone WFRS and WFC, so if you are using the integrated installation, you will not be able to use it

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Thats weird Deb.

Can you just hit

TIBCO Support


I can get there and I see the Hotfix link down in the Downloads tile before I even log in right now using Edge.

Once I got logged in, I could click that Hotfixes link

Hotfixes (tibco.com)

That seems to take me to the right place. Remember when looking under Available Downloads to look under IBI instead of WebFOCUS to start with

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