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Has anyone tried searching for help on the new support site....

Warren Hinchliffe

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Hi Ian

The case I opened with them ended up with them saying they wouldnt alter the search to include the Legacy SR ID, but they offered to send me a spreadsheet listing my new case numbers along with my old ones in a spreadsheet so I can find them that way.

I still think they should just include Legacy SR ID in their searches.

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Hi Ian

I see! You dont look for the list to change after pressing enter, you look for the type ahead box to suggest the new case number.

So lets get a picture of this.

You got to Cases to search. I was able to search older cases without changing to My Companys Cases, but I left it set on My Company for this screenshot.


image.png906372 16.8 KB


Then you type in your old case number. Dont bother hitting enter - nothing will happen. Look in the list below the text box where youre typing:


image.png754439 33.8 KB


Thats the new case number its showing. You can click on the typeahead answer and go to that case.

Thats pretty good Ian - the techsupport people at TIBCO didnt know to suggest that

I dont love putting the results of your search in the typeahead box but it does work. I wondered how it would look when I search on a string I frequently use like WFRS for my reporting server cases:


image.png769422 32.6 KB


You can see 3 of them listed and theres a scrollbar on the right.

Thanks again Ian for pointing out how we can look for our old case number!


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