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We have older portal users that are still showing in the Lic...


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We have older portal users that are still showing in the License Audit. Im trying to find out how we can remove these accounts (which were auto-added) so they arent using up a license seat any more.

Is this possible

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Debra thank you for the response!

These are valid users in our enterprise but what happens is they login only once (months prior) and then never really login again. This pushes our license count up and eats up seats for other users.

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@alex.van.baelen We have a similar issue we are trying to resolve. If you remove their ID from the system, as Chuck stated, that should free up the license. Do you have AutoAdd turned on I had our admin turn that off. That way users have to request an ID and it cuts down on once and done type of users eating up your seats.

Good luck!

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I can see a list of users in the license audit that arent in the Security Center. So this leads me to believe they are being auto added which is controlled through AD Groups that are setup and validated through a security approval process. They have been removed before so I know there is a way to do it! Ill respond when I have more info on it.
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Hi Alex,

Setup the WebFOCUS client rest adapter on the server console. Create the sample metadata and procedures.

We have a ReportCaster job that checks which users havent logged into portal in 6 months and delete them + send them a message.

The WebFOCUS client rest adapter is probably one of the biggest hidden gems!

Happy coding,


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If you see the users in the audit - but NOT in security center then you do not have full admin privileges. If your admin group has SystemFullControl on /SSYS/GROUPS/EVERYONE then you should be able to see and delete all users. (Something I did not think of when I wrote audit - it is showing all users regardless of specific rules on groups but I think the audit HAS to show all users to be of use). If you delete the users, that will free up the portal user count. The rest adapter will not solve seeing the users since it is using the same call as security center to get a list of users.
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