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I was pleasantly surprised in a webinar yesterday to find ou...

Toby Mills

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I was pleasantly surprised in a webinar yesterday to find out that EUM, now just called UM is available for everybody.

At least from 8206 and up.

I need to read up on how to install it. Ive wished my customer would buy this, but now its free!

WebFOCUS Integrated Installation for Enterprise Usage Monitor

They describe this as a product you install on another VM - not on the same one that you want to monitor. The integrated installer might be good for that.

Thought Id pass it along. Looks like a really useful tool. Its pretty thick though - does a lot of stuff. Itll take a while to get used to it.

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We use EUM and it has changed from 8105 to 8204, to 8206 to 8207.

they used to use the BUI (self contained install), but if you look in the 8207, the CM with all the reports are now in the SAMPLES folder

The 8207 now posted is 8207.19 but when 8207.26 is posted there will be some new features.

It depends upon RA log files and points to the WFC event logs. So if you have these you can get the history.

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