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We are running WebFOCUS on a Windows server box. We installe...

David Briars

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We are running WebFOCUS on a Windows server box.

We installed WebFOCUS 8105M with Tomcat used as both a web server and application server - standalone configuration. Basically, at install time we used the default settings.

At that time we also had the WF install process install the Java release that came with 8105M - 8u45.

We are now being asked to upgrade Java on the box.

Does anyone have any documentation or advice on doing that

Here is the upgrade process, I think we would need to do:


Stop Services

Install updated version of Java JRE (8u91).

Update the Windows JAVA_HOME variable.

Update Tomcat to point to the new release of Java. (Done via Tomcat Service Manager tomcat8WFw.exe - Java tab)

Restart services


Does this listing look reasonable

I thought it was interesting that WebFOCUS, per EDAPRINT, appears to obtain Java from D:ibiWebFOCUS81jre. And that Tomcat, per the Catalina log, appears to obtain Java from D:ibitomcatjre.

Is my finding correct, that with a standard install, WebFOCUS installs Java in both the WebFOCUS folder and the tomcat folder

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The steps seem OK, but in (I think) Windows you can have several versions and select the one you want from the Java GUI.

I would also check the compatibility of the new version of Java with 8105.

I am not aware of jre under WebFOCUS81, but your install is Windows, and mine is Linux.

The key thing will be path used to get to jre and as you have stated JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME.

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Update Tomcat to point to the new release of Java. (Done via Tomcat Service Manager tomcat8WFw.exe - Java tab)



Theres also some references in the registry we just recently learned.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeApache Software FoundationProcrun 2.0Tomcat8WFParametersJava]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeInformation BuildersReportCasterWF81ParametersJava]


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Also check the java used for reportcaster.

Were linux, so that java setting is buried inside the schbkr script that starts caster.

And about your question about the java in the webfocus file structure. Yes, they did that as an idea / way around making sure a supported java was used.

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Hi David

Sounds like youre on the right track.

The JRE in use could be in a couple of different places. Even an extra location is possible for Caster, but it doesnt sound like this applies to you.

To make a long story short - if you want to do what Im doing with our 8207 environment, Im moving the JRE up to the root directory of my D drive like D:JRE. you could do D:ibiJRE - the point is to pull up the JRE to be above the products (like Tomcat or WebFOCUS81 or even srv81 if you put one down there).

By using the JRE zip download (instructions follow), you can simply replace the contents of D:jre with the newer files and theres no more configuration to do. Tomcat will find it (which means WebFOCUS client finds it) and your WFRS (edaenv.cfg) doesnt have to change.

Lets review:

Where to get the latest JRE:

AdoptOpenJDK downloads


Seeing all the possibilities to download can be a little dizzying. Find the one for Windows x64 (If youre using Windows). And on that row, find the one for just the JRE instead of the whole JDK. And just grab the .zip one without the whole installer (thats my preference anyway).



image.png1211269 16.6 KB


Moving on with the brain dump, lets see where the pointers are that find the JRE.

Tomcat finds its JRE here (tomcat config utility)


You can also look in tomcatlogs to see the stderr entry that shows the version tomcat is seeing:


image.png741418 10 KB


Its good to get a copy of this file before you upgrade just to prove to yourself that everything is working.

Whatever Tomcat is using - thats what the WebFOCUS client is using.

In my real 8105m install, my JRE is located under D:ibiWeFOCUS81JRE (the default I think). As I said, in my newer release, Im taking this away from being under WebFOCUS81 so its in a common place outside of the WF install).

Last thing - the WF Reporting Server (aka the WFRS) looks in

drive:ibisrv81wfsbinedaenv.cfg for the variable which tells the location.

I usually really get there by just editing the file directly, but you can find it in the WFRS Console



Note - in the 8105m environment, it works with JRE_HOME, but in 8207, I changed it to JAVA_HOME:


If it works for you in 8105m to specify JAVA_HOME, it might be good to keep it the same.

Using edaenv.cfg allows you to avoid using the JAVA_HOME system variable which affects everything on your machine. It gives you the specific control for WebFOCUS to say where to look for the JRE just for WF.

I know Im long winded - I hope it makes sense. Essentially, just get the JRE and unzip it to the right location and tomcat, WebFOCUS client and WFRS will all find it.

Let me know if you have questions.

Also, it might be a good time for you to think about at Tomcat upgrade if you have security people asking you to do your JRE - Tomcat is likely to pop up on their list.

I have another thread with an Excel doc that has screenshots of that process.

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Also I should have pointed out - when you make this change, if you move the location of the JRE away from the location it was when you installed WebFOCUS, youll probably want to go look under WebFOCUS81utilitiessetenv and change UTILUSERVARS.bat (or .sh if youre on linux).


image.png1076364 27.6 KB


Lots of the utilities make use of this setting to work if you need to using a bat file from this area. Like the MR dererred ticket cleanup or whatever.

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Thank you all!

This thread is an excellent set of notes and considerations on this topic.

Ill plan to update this thread as we begin our task to upgrade Java.

Note: Looks like we will be upgrading from 8u45, the release of Java that came with the 8105M install, to 8u231.

Once again, many thanks.

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