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I built a nice little splash page in DS; my first. I typical...

robert fuschetto

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I built a nice little splash page in DS; my first. I typically work from homeit looked great there. At my actual Desk, it does not fit so well. On a small monitor its horrible. I assume there are settings somewhere I need to set.

What we want to happen is simple. If we consider our Tableau (I know I mentioned the T word) it sizes itself appropriately regardless of IE or Chrome, wide monitor or small or resolution. If it does not fit on your screen you get a single vertical (right side) and horizontal scroll(bottom) bar.

My DS splash page is acting weird. It seems by defauly WF/DS takes another approach. It looks pretty good on a large monitor. When I move to a smaller one it adds vertical and horizontal scroll bars to every chart! It thus fails to convey its message ad looks unprofessional.

What am I doing wrong It there a property to set somewhere

Large Screen Example: Generally looks good, I designed it at 100% on a wide screen monitor:


image.png725398 119 KB


Small Screen:

Note I get a vertical bar for the screen but NO horizontal bar. Note several charts now have vertical and horizontal bars and key data is hidden. The bottom charts are scrunchednot sure why scroll bars are not on themseems inconsistent. WE UST WANT TO SLIDE THE ENTIRE DASHBOARD LEFT OR RIGHT and UP and DOWNunless it can auto shrink it it to fit the given screen.


image.png775584 199 KB

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I am not sure where you are looking for his: ON GRAPH SET AUTOFIT ON

I app studio or design studio.

If I run a similar dashboard wih charts placed on an HTML page in App Studioit works as it should. On the wide screen it fits. Drag it over to my small screen or view on a laptop and I must scroll right using the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen that appears. Perfect.

If I add the same charts to DS page and run itno such luck. DS starts adding scroll bars to charts and scrunching up othersas seen in my snips above.

It feels like I need to alter a setting in DS or its a major deficiencyanother one.

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Is there actually a Design Studio I dont see that anywhere I know there is a Home page with InfoAssist tools on it, Designer tools on it and other tools. Maybe Design Studio is the collection of Designer tools.

You would see the AUTOFIT in the code for each individual item (report). On the Home page where you see the list of items created, you could right-click on a chart report and choose Edit with text editor.


image.png921381 31.3 KB


In 8.2.07 on the Home Page you would first click on Workspaces, then proceed.

It looks like both the chart tools automatically put the AUTOFIT=ON in the charts code.

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In 8.206 I am seeing this for content built in Designer Studio


image.png255551 4.47 KB


Is there a special permission required to be able to edit in text editor for content built in Designer Studio

It appears that anything built in AppStudio allows us the option to edit in Text Editor.

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All I can say is the AUTO FIT = ON is already in every WF AppStudio graph and reportyet still the scroll bars appear on the reports and charts are auto scrunched

FYI: The upper left were reports in my snip.

Now if we look at a chartDS is scrunching it instead of putting scroll bars:


If you skip DS studio altogether and do this in App studio, with an html pageit works fine. The reports/charts open at the size I made them and I simply scroll the entire dashbaord left / right or up/down.

Something is wrong with DS or I am missing something.

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