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The line graph has two lines. Sometimes the data labels ove...

Todd Van Valkenburg

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I doubt that its possible because even increasing the space you could end up with overlap. Per example 2019 YR %label may go over 2019 landmark.

My suggestion is to avoid displaying the % label and leave the ability to hover over the landmark that will display the value.

Having a larger height graph may create spaces between landmark (such as for 2018) but wont work if they are both almost at the same value such as for 2016.

The smaller is the graph height, the closer could be the landmark

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Hmmm. Wondering if this should be an enhancement request I am new to WebFOCUS and I have already run into this issue a couple times. It would be nice, using series, to position the text relative to the marker (e.g. left, right, top, bottom, etc) using JSON to reduce the chances of collisions. Or maybe this is a mute point since we are a few releases behind (at 8202) and that functionality is now standard in 8207+
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Could ask for a NFR, but as I mentioned : How can it be possible to be sure 100% that the label wont ever overlap in any circumstances even when moving then left/right/top/bottom

There is always a probability that the problem occurs.

In your sample, you only have few years to display in a some large graph. What if, in the same space you will have to display per months or weeks (in other words, many more X-axis values)

The markers will become very close to each other not only vertically, but horizontally.

So from my opinion, you wont have a lot of success for your NFR due to the fact that, no matter what, the problem may persist. But good luck and congrats if it can be done. Many of us will ow you

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Afternoon all. We have run into the same issue. We tried using setRepositionDataTextCollision function but it did not work with HTML 5 charting engine label generation process. We opened a ticket with IBI and requested an NFR but the word we received back was it required a new auto positioning setting to be developed by the visualization team, and could not be implemented quickly.
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