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We are currently on release 8105M. In December of 2019 we up...

David Briars

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We are currently on release 8105M.

In December of 2019 we upgraded from 8105M to 8206 in our Sandbox.

For various reasons (staff resources related) we were not in a position to upgrade from 8105M to 8206 across our environments.

We are now looking to pick up again upgrading from 8105M.

In looking at recent posts here in myibi, as well as, looking a the 8207 New Features site, it appears that 8207 isnt an incremental upgrade from 8206 (fixes/tweaks) but a real improvement (leap) in the the product.

I am thinking of shifting gears and not upgrading to 8206 as in our original plan, but to 8207.

Id love to hear any thoughts or comments on this topic.

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I would recommend it.

We did just upgrade from 8104 to 8207.11 and planning on another to 8207.24.

Seems there are new features and capabilities coming out regularly and Designer seems to be the way forward, in particular for us.

We did have a lot of issues with code tightening and the like. But that would also depend on how your fexes were written.

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There are some Upgrade docs


8207 contains a lot of changes related to user interface and user experience

Most important - new Home page and introduction of WebFOCUS Designer UI - early versions exist in 8206 but with very limited capabilities


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