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CASE OPENED**Anyone run into an issue with changing the Canvas Data Limit (Live/Test) in Designer?

Debra Waybright
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I had a user complaining that his visualization won't give him correct answers. I ran it and got the correct results so I was puzzled. The only thing I can figure is that he changed the Canvas Data Limit setting when he was editing the chart in Designer. I ran a test, creating a similar chart. I ran it without changing the limit and it runs correctly, but after I change the setting, even once I've left the Designer editor and am running from the Hub, I still get the limited data. Logging out of WebFocus doesn't seem to fix it.

I had him try setting the Limit to match what the system default is. No luck. I had him try setting it to "Live" and "All". Still no luck. It is like if you touch that, it sets it to "Test" "50" forever 😨

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@Debra Waybright​ 

Have you tried to verify if the user is able to query the same data from outside of WebFOCUS (querying the table directly using TOAD/ DB Visualizer) to confirm he is able to get the correct numbers? Most likely his access to the database needs to be checked as well.

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Good thought but that's not the issue. We think we've narrowed it down to not the canvas limit, but where the report filters were added -- he added them in the SQL in the Data tab. When someone else created the same report but put the filters in the Visualization tab, the report works for everyone, including him. It is just really odd that putting them in the Data tab broke it only for him (I could run that report and it worked fine).

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