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Has anyone run into a case where in InfoAssist the Repeat So...

Debra Waybright

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So, it involves only format XLSX and AHTML and the COMPUTE has to have values where LAST value is the same as current rows value. This appears to be a very specific scenario. I havent seen anything like this so opening a tech support ticket might be the best way to go. However, just as a test, are you able to run the same code on the Reporting Server (eliminating the client) and see what you get If this behavior doesnt reproduce on the Server, that may mean your client is causing an issue. Have you tried adding a SET BYDISPLAY= ON or ALL or ACROSS to the beginning of the .fex to see if that makes a difference
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I looked at the report a little closer (it isnt one I wrote). The first BY column is actually NOPRINT and when it is repeated, the BYDISPLAY=ON is not working. I dont think it has to do with the compute column because when I removed that, it was still not working. Removing the NOPRINT from the first BY column didnt fix it either.
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Has anyone run into a case where in InfoAssist the Repeat Sort Value selection is not working correctly Looking at the generated code, it does have SET BYDISPLAY ON. But Im seeing in the output where the first columns data is not repeated if the compute columns data is the same as the row prior. It does this in both Excel and Active Report outputs.

I probably have to open a case but I thought Id post here first.



WF 8.2.03M


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Hi Deb

Just wondering about a fixed problem I found:

[bYDISPLAY does not work with BY TOTAL]

A report that has BYDISPLAY ON is suppressing repeating BY values

when BY TOTAL is present.

Any chance this is your mystery thing

Found that here:


3 cases reported with this problem.

Fixed in 7709/8205

In any case, this one is interesting to me too - please let us know if / when you find out whats going on there.



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