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Hi guys Since several of us are migrating from 8105m to 82x,...

Toby Mills

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Hi guys

Since several of us are migrating from 8105m to 82x, you might notice that we used to have a Installation Worksheet in the 8105m Installation and Configuration manual.

This is the old installation worksheet

This is not really provided in the newer documentation last I looked (which was a while back). So I made up my own.

Ill attach the Excel file that is similar to what I use to keep up with Dev / Eval and Prod environments.

WF8207_installation_worksheet.xlsx (14.0 KB)

Of course all the info contained here is fake or the factory defaults. I thought it might help you guys as you are gearing up for installs.

This worksheet is geared toward Windows with SQL Server for a repository, but you could easily alter it for whatever youre using.

Feel free to add things like VM names and IP addresses, Tomcat versions, JRE Versions etc.

Hope it helps you keep up with the myriad of questions you have to answer.

I think I color coded each section to match a different install screen to make it easy to follow along. Kind of helps to know all the pieces youll need to fill in before you get started.

When I do my installs, I open a new Worksheet for each machine and then screenshot the heck out of my install steps so I can go back and see what I did (or maybe didnt do).

Good luck!

Toby Mills, CISSP

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Hi Lori

It should have a whole bunch of rows to fill in. Let me check.

I added that bit about needing DBO permissions because the ID you put here needs to be able to drop/create tables and so forth. I was just trying to differentiate it from like admin which is the default WebFOCUS admin id.

If I had the spreadsheet open at the time I tried to copy it up, it might have gotten corrupted.

Stand by.



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Hey Lori

It looks okay to me:


image.png12611057 70.4 KB


Let me try re-attaching it here.

WF8207_installation_worksheet.xlsx (14.0 KB)

If you want to get me your email address, I can send it to you that way. You can use a direct message instead of the forum if you dont want your email shown to the world.



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  • 1 year later...

Ive got the old spreadsheet somplace.

It think we could make up a newer sheet by using UOA_PSETs


image.png949148 6.68 KB


Looks like the permissions will give us the list of things from the factory. Id swear this sort of thing used to be harder to find.

Heres DomainBasicUser:


I think the hard part about making a report out of this before (like 2016) was that I could never find a list of all the privilege names (which were originally called operations - thats why they all start with op like opList, opRun etc).

Theres also the chance that looking under the webfocus82configresource_templates - you might be able to read the XML to make a list.

Or - better - maybe just open a case to ask if they have a new one.

Ive got a couple of fires going on this week and cant work on building the new sheet.

If anybody reading along wants to make a new one up, thatd be great! Wed be happy to see all the default check marks for the various Roles.

To mimic the original sheet, youd need a list of privs (aka operations) down the left side, and then go ACROSS role names from UOA_PSETs. Turn on a check mark if the PSET has a PERMIT in it for a given priv.







Thats the gist of it if you can find all the parts.

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Well - I found a list of privileges after a little piecing together. I still havent tied the default Roles to these privs, but this is the hard-to-find part to use in a report.

ibss_ops_by_group.xlsx (17.7 KB)

Man there are a LOT of privs in there. Maybe some really arent used much.

The next thing would be to turn the data in the UOA_PSETs into an individual row per privilege. Then its just MATCHing that dataset together with this one and we should have a report.

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