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Hi all, Does anybody have a link to older summit presentatio...

Toby Mills

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Hi all,

Does anybody have a link to older summit presentations

Specifically Im looking for Terry Schwarzs excellent PDF called:

Server Security, Monitoring and Debugging

I have a printed copy, but looking for a PDF.

These used to be available here:


That URL isnt the right thing anymore.

Im not sure whos in charge of this anymore to ask.

If nobody here knows, I can open a case. Thought Id try here first.



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Well - I opened a case and got the file. I read through the 80ish page document last night. Its mostly screenshots so its a pretty fast read. And it makes some really good points.

Ill pick a topic in there and well go over that for entertainment in the admin area.

I was thinking we might start with the Dialog Manager Debugger just because most of us probably didnt even know there was such a thing. Its a Reporting Server thing. I think most of us already are familiar enough with Dialog Manager that it might not be that useful, but it IS new (to me anyway) and maybe theres some value in it.

Oh - and the old Summit labs are not presently available since the redesign on the site. I asked that they try to put that back in. Meantime, if anybody needs anything from the past, let me know and Ill try to get it for you.


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Hi Phil

Heres the presentation from 2018.

Summit2018-Server_Security_Monitoring_and_Debugging.pdf (4.0 MB)

Even though this is a long presentation in terms of number of pages, its lots of screenshots so you can get through it fairly easily.

Hope that helps!


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