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Hi guys Just to save everyone some time, if you run into som...

Toby Mills

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Hi guys

Just to save everyone some time, if you run into something that throws you off and you figure it out, I think we might as well post those up here. No judgement if you are missing something simple as was my case this morning.

So I thought Id pass it on. Unfortunately, I cant see images yet on the new forum, but maybe I can post them so you guys can see them.

Here was my 8207 where the $%^ is this now moment:

Im trying to answer a question from Glen about using ACROSS with compute, so I think Ill just make a CAR file example using the WFRS (reporting server for those who dont use this abbreviation) Console and its Text Editor. Weve been using the Text Editor for years right

I type in my basic code, Locate the Save As button and save it. Then I go looking for the Run button. its nowhere to be found! Checked all the buttons. Let me see if I can show you an image of how the WFRS console text editor looks for me at first (I have a high res / big monitor)


8207_where_is_run_button.jpg989378 35.5 KB


I can see the left part of the menu and the right part - but the run button is supposed to be near the left side after Save As So Extend the panel by grabbing the bar on the right and dragging it a little to the right:


8207_where_is_run_button_extend_menu.jpg1081399 37.8 KB


And voila - a Run button appears. Try it for yourself and watch how the Run button get covered up while resizing.


8207_HERE_is_run_button.jpg1130393 37.2 KB


Hope that save someone some frustration.

Have an 8207 Where did something go question Post them up here and well all pitch in to help.


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