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SAML Authentication SSO issue

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Hi All,

We are in process of setting up out QA server for WF 9.1, during configuration of SSO using SAML Authentication with keycloak as IDP, I am getting weird login page and it does not work even after I provide my credentials.


Few details to keep in mind:
1. Keycloak has new client ID specific for WebFOCUS 9.1 environment.
2. Proxy server has Location as '/ibi_apps_91/', I can't use 'ibi_apps' as it is used by our WF 8 Development server
3. keycloak-saml.xml file has been used from keycloak server
4. wfspmetadata has been generated
5. SSL certificate is valid

Any insights on what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Bajr,

In case you haven't change the alias yet, you can do it from the WebFOCUS Administration console:


You can change that string to whatever you want, save the changes and restart your Application Server, once done, you'll need to use that alias to access the product. 

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