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**CLOSED global fex search?

robert fuschetto

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If you are talking about the repository?

multiple options

  1. use the WebFOCUS client adapter and search with it - quite complex as you can only search single fexes.
  2. export your repository via change management extract the zip and use a tool like notepad++ ro search
  3. create a report on top of repository - did this a while back - challenge is that you need to create a database view that converts a blob field into a readable format.
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You may have to adapt according to used version, but globally it should work

SELECT distinct T2.PRT_PATH AS 'Location', T2.OBJNAME AS 'Object Name', 'IBFS:' + T2.PRT_PATH + '/' + T2.OBJNAME AS 'Full IBFS path' --,T3.[WF_LNG] AS 'Lang' --,T3.[OBJDESC] AS 'Title' --,T1.OBJ_HANDLE --,CAST(CAST(T1.BCONTENT AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS VARCHAR(MAX)) 'Code' FROM YourRepoName.dbo.WF_CONTENT_REVS T1 INNER JOIN YourRepoName.dbo.WF_REPOSOBJ T2 ON T1.OBJ_HANDLE = T2.HANDLE /* To also have the title per language */ --INNER JOIN [YourRepoName].[dbo].[WF_NLSOBJ] T3 -- ON T1.OBJ_HANDLE = T3.OBJ_HANDLE WHERE UPPER(CAST(CAST(T1.BCONTENT AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS VARCHAR(MAX))) LIKE '%YourSearchString%'--and T2.OBJNAME like '%htm'--and T3.[WF_LNG] = 'en_US'ORDER BY 1, 2, 3
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