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**CLOSED How can I download a Report Caster log?

robert fuschetto

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We have a report that goes out to 400 providers. Over time some leave. I have dozens that have left and it says: No report to burst for xxx with a value of yyy. I need to go into my address list and do some housekeeping. It will be easier if I can dump the log, sort it etc. We are on 8207.28.09.


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A more maintainable solution would be to create a dynamic list to burst the report by.

You'll need to be able to link an email address to a provider identifier within the data.

You should then be able to only send for providers where you have relevant data.

Provider Email0001 a@a.com0002 b@b.com0003 c@c.com0004 d@d.com
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To give more info on Mat suggestion, you must create a fex in EDASERVE that will extract your provider and their email.

Something such as below

SET ASNAMES=ON -*-* DEST and VALUE are required since the Bursting option is used in RC-*-* VALUE used for bursting-*-* DEST used for email addressTABLE FILE My_ProvidersBY Provider AS 'VALUE'BY Email AS 'DEST'ON TABLE PCHOLDEND-RUN

In your fex report (the one that generates your report to distribute) you must have your first BY field as the Provider.


Then in RC, you must check the "Burst Report" option within the Task and select the above EDASERVE fex as the source of the Dynamic Distribution List from the Distribution

If the source of the report My_Report_Data file does exist before you run the schedule that distribute the report you can read that file to create the dynamic distribution list instead of My_Provider file.

Or you can apply the exact same filters to end up with only providers that will be included in the My_Report_Data file.

If data for the distribution list and the report have the same data set, then only "valid" provider will be involved in the distribution and you won't have anymore the No Report To Distribute message.

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