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ActiveReport - Excel Format Gives 'Problems came up in the following areas during load:' Message When Opening.

David Briars

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In an ActiveReport I am clicking on the following menu options:


XML (Excel)

All Records

When I go to open the created .XLS file in Excel I see the following error box:



  • Running WF 8207.28.
  • This doesn't occur for all export attempts. I cannot determine what is different about the attempts that give this error message.
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Many thanks to all, for your thoughts on what is probably an 'edge case'.

Here is an update, on some of my analysis today.

The .log file is not obtainable, at least for me, with the usual browsing in File Explorer.

However, typing in the path directly in File Explorer does get me to the folder where the .log file lives.

The MS Excel log file doesn't seem to give me a clue as to which/what is the 'bad value':


The ActiveReport focexec in question, creates and displays HTML tags via the 'JAVASCRIPT=' WebFOCUS StyleSheet command.

The Export...XML (Excel) menu option works fine in some runs of the report, and other times we get the MS Excel 'Problems During Load' error message.

While I cannot readily see any differences between the two sets of runs, perhaps it is some combinations of data and the code that results from 'JAVASCRIPT='?

The ActiveReport EXPORT...CSV works AOK for the exports that wouldn't work in Excel.

And, the UX is nearly the same as EXPORT...XML (Excel).

I've asked my users then, to use EXPORT...CSV going forward, in these edge cases.

Once again, many thanks all.

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