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Anybody written good Resource Analyzer Reports?

Toby Mills

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Hey guys

We're turning on Resource Analzyer and I was just looking through the set of Reports that are standard.

I didn't see anything that really told me which user is running what reports and how often. I'd think I could get a report that says who my heavy hitter reporting users are and how much resources it takes per report.

I get that I might need a couple of reports and some drill downs.

Thought I'd ask here in case and of you have already fiddled with this.

Feel free to PM me if you'd rather talk privately.


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Hi All,

We have developed few Usage Reports for our management. With these reports they can analyze what reports are the most consumed ones. Who is the Top user of the reports. These reports give a detailed information about who ran what on what date. The way to accomplish this is to gain access to the Resource Analyzer (RA) repository.

Please let me know if you're interested in knowing more so I can provide a comprehensive list of tables you should be targeting.

Thank you.

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