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Why does my report intermittently throw a SQLCODE -913 error?

Justin Dobratz

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Intermittently I have a report with a dynamic filter that throws a SQLCODE -913, which is Deadlock or Timeout. We are in the process of moving to V9 from V8201 and the same report never throws the same error on V8. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there a setting somewhere in the administration console to increase timeout time? Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Justin - how's this going?

I think I'd enlist the help of one of your DBA's to watch the queries so they can tell you specifically what is deadlocking (which database and which table).

If it turns out those errors are from a WF repository hit, then you might want to compare repos indexes between the 2 releases to see what's going on.

In any case, I think getting a DBA involved will help you home in on where the problem is. Perhaps v9 is writing the SQL differently than 8201 and your DBA will be able to show you how the queries are different?

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