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'Save and Restart' Button on Notification/Event Routing Page?

David Briars

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When creating a Event Routing Customized notification in 8207.28.07, I see a 'Save' button.

I click 'Save' and can see that my customized notification is saved.


Per the 'Reporting Server Administration' manual, I should see a button that says 'Save and Restart Server'.

My question is, where is the 'Restart Server' button?

I remember when adding Event Routing in 8105M, I did indeed encounter a 'Restart' button, after saving.

Are my alerts in play, after only saving the customized event routing?

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Thank you for your thoughts, David, that they are transitioning to only one 'Save' step in the newer releases, from two steps 'Save' and then 'Restart'.

This is a good change for me, as at my site, I have rights to update configurations/settings in the Reporting Server, but don't have rights to engage a server restart. 😀

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