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WebFOCUS success message after inserting/Update using SQL Passthrough

VisuaLizeFOCUS .

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-* Create values to be inserted into table.-*-SET &NAME = 'David M. Briars IV';-SET &GROUPNAME = 'Information Technology';-*-* Insert values into database.-*ENGINE SQLMSS SET DEFAULT_CONNECTION CON02 SQL SQLMSS BEGIN TRY BEGIN TRAN INSERT INTO AdventureWorks2017Test.HumanResources.Department (Name ,GroupName ,ModifiedDate) VALUES ('&NAME', '&GROUPNAME', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) COMMIT TRANEND TRY BEGIN CATCH ROLLBACK TRANEND CATCH END-RUN-TYPE &ROWSAFFECTED rows affected-TYPE &FOCERRNUM = FOCERRNUM-TYPE &RETCODE = MSSQL Error RETCODE-*-EXIT-*-* Present results to the user.-*-HTMLFORM BEGIN<h1> Success or Not? </h1><br>!IBI.AMP.ROWSAFFECTED; rows affected by SQL <BR>!IBI.AMP.FOCERRNUM; = FOCERRNUM <BR>!IBI.AMP.RETCODE; = MSSQL Error RETCODE-HTMLFORM END-EXIT

Resultant web page:


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