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JavaScript alias '/ibi_apps/' is not valid error

Debra Waybright

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Just upgraded to WebFocus 8207 (from 8203) and our old dashboards (probably 15 years old) are now getting this error. Some we just copied into the repository and then we could run them from there. Some won't work from there so hoping we can resolve this error.

Found this old posthttp://forums.informationbuilders.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/7971057331/m/31... which might help, but not sure. I copied the composer files from the old reporting server per Fran's comment but still not working (maybe need to stop and restart a service).

Anyone else running into this issue I did open a case but haven't heard anything from support yet.

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Guess the first questions here would be:

How did you perform the update

Did you follow the "Upgrading From an Earlier 8.2.x Release to Release 8207" steps documented within the "WebFOCUS and ReportCaster Installation and Configuration" Manual to perform a Repository in-place update

Also, kindly try the following actions:


Navigate to Configuration - Application Settings - Filters

Change the value of IBI_GZIP.enabled to TRUE

Save changes, clear cache.


ibi_apps.xml Tomcat context

Verify that your :ibitomcatconfCatalinalocalhostibi_apps.xml context points to a valid location


html files

We've already seen some issues with html files after upgrading from earlier 8.2 versions, where code needs to be automatically modified to work with the new version:

3.1 Backup your current html file

3.2 Open the html file with App Studio version 8207

3.3 NO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING, just save the html file, then close it

3.4 Try opening the report

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